MEDIA RELEASE: Pandemics: Prevention is certainly less expensive than cure, says engineer and clean air expert

If Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is right and the next global pandemic is inevitable, we must prepare for it right away.

In the annual letter from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, Gates calls for an investment of billions of dollars in infrastructure and technology to respond quickly to dangerous new pathogens.

One such technology recently arrived in South Africa, and it will not break the bank. However, it will provide people who live, study, shop, and socialise with lots of other humans with the certainty of a safe and joyful environment. This air purification technology uses electronics, robotics, UV light, plasma, bio-ionisation and air-handling technologies.

Says Cristian Cernat, the founder and the technical mind behind Light Ray Purification, “From the very beginning, I have sided with those believing that Covid-19 is air borne and all the studies I could find pointed in that direction. It was obvious that a professional with experience in ventilation systems and air conditioning would be the solution to the challenge of limiting the spread of the deadly virus.”

Cernat, a mechanical engineer trained in Romania and Italy, has been involved in air conditioning ventilation and heating technology businesses in Europe, China, and Africa since 1992.

Typical of an engineer, Cernat went through a lengthy and thorough process to make sure the product he offers is of outstanding quality. He looked far and wide for a solution that had international approval and testing done in a COVID environment. “I have found that the Novaerus Defend 1050 complies with both my requirements: The American Food and Drug Adminisration (FDA) cleared it as 510(k) Class II medical device to inactivate and filter out airborne virus and bacteria for medical purposes.”

Says Cernat, “People no longer have to live in fear to go back to the office or visit a mall or a pub. This free-standing, portable recirculating air cleaning system provides protection in spaces where lots of people gather and could prevent the spread of a next deadly virus.”

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