Light Ray Lift

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Using NanoStrike Air Disinfection Technology in lifts – The Protect Lift series is safe to use around the most vulnerable people from: 

Did you know that the pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2, remain in the lift and travel from floor to floor?

Are you aware that the longer a person spends inside a lift, the higher the risk of acquiring an infection?

Lifts are the distribution centres for spreading pathogens to everyone with risk of an outbreak inside a building.

Novaerus Air dis-infection devices have been independently tested and proven effective to safely clean indoor air. Powered by plasma-based nanotechnology, NanoStrike, they kill all airborne microorganisms on contact providing the first line of protection against viruses and bacteria. Airborne transmission of COVID-19 Health authorities such as the CDC and the WHO have recently updated their guidance on how COVID-19 spreads, acknowledging that the coronavirus can spread via airborne transmission.

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